Clear Epoxy For Tabletop

Our unmistakable clear epoxy for tabletop the entirety of your projecting and covering applications. Solidifies completely clear and hard as a stone. Thorough testing was done to guarantee that our resin is an ideal counterpart for our whole shine in obscurity and other specialty shades. Our resin is self-leveling, self-degassing, scent-free, impervious to yellowing from sun openness. Balanced blend proportion is secure and has an easy-going brief work time. Use to cover tables and bars, exemplify objects. 

clear epoxy for tabletop
Clear Epoxy Resin
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General Performance

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  • Does Not Shrink 
  • Water-Resistant 
  • High Strength 
  • Convenient needle 
  • Not for use on versatile water framework 
  • Sets in 5-10 minutes for snappy undertaking consummation 
  • Not suggested for application with delayed water submersion.
  • Not suggested for polyethylene, polypropylene, non-stick coatings, nylon items, or adaptable materials.
  • Not appropriate for applications requiring transient warmth openness more noteworthy than 302°F (150°C


Thin Pour

Quick Cure (12-24 hours)

Shorter Working Time 

Thicker Viscosity 

Great for counters and bars, a bottle cap and penny tables, pitch fine art and that’s just the beginning


Cut-safe fixing of worktops in the kitchen

Pieces of epoxy pitch and wood, for example, cutting sheets

Jewelry made of epoxy tar

Resin Countertops and Surface Coatings

Casting of molds and figures, all things considered

Model building projects