Epoxy Hardener

Epoxy resin frameworks comprise two sections, the “A” and a “B” side. The B-side is otherwise called the “hardener”.  Epoxy hardener, which is essential to use with epoxy resin, is a key material that determines the physical properties of the resin. Epoxy Hardener is the epoxy-relieving specialist; the restoring specialist is liable for responding to the epoxy bunches in the epoxy pitch A-side. The response of restoring specialists with epoxy resins brings about hard, thermoset materials.

Epoxy hardener
Epoxy hardener
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General Performance

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  • A serious level of synthetic opposition 
  • High heat bending temperatures
  • Rapid room temperature fix
  • Low consistency, low tone 


Endless Modifications, Two-Tiered Strength

Two-Tiered Strength And No Substrate Left Behind

Form And Function And Weathering Many Environments

Strong Against Shearing And Tension

Temperate Bonding And Great For Industry


DIY Epoxy Paints

Outdoor Coatings 

Epoxy Floor Covering Resin

Resin Countertops and Surface Coatings

Epoxy Resin for Painting

Glue Substitutions