Epoxy Primer

Epoxy primer alludes to a sealer that is a non-permeable completion. It is basically suggested as a respectable starting point coat over uncovered steel. Its holding limit is magnificent and produces a decent surface completion—an epoxy primer in Pakistan. Incredible bonds to metals, fill in as an appropriate base for additional undercoat items and topcoats. 

epoxy primer in Pakistan
epoxy primer in Pakistan
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General Performance

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  • Wide scope of VOC levels (0.5 to 3.5 lbs/lady) 
  • Easy to blend and apply 
  • Air dry or heating abilities 
  • Excellent direct to metal attachment 
  • Outstanding consumption assurance


Sealing up uncovered metal

Can be utilized on an assortment of materials

Prevents rust and consumption

Use it to protect a long-term project

Chemical opposition in high-moistness conditions


Coating metals to forestall rust 

Used prior to applying paint to protect the life span of the topcoat 

Used to waterproof materials 

Resin Countertops and Surface Coatings

Use it For a Final Sealer

 Mainly used as an adhesion primer