Pigment Paste

Rich and thick opaque epoxy pigment pastel colors to add exceptional level tone to your resin plans. Exceptionally tough, these epoxy colorants are lightfast and mixable: start with dark, high contrast and make any tone in the range. Combine the shades first to make your ideal tone (a range blade functions admirably for this), and afterward, add the subsequent shading glue to clear pitch. Use them sparingly – a little goes far. Shading. You can get colors that we have accessible constantly. Some other tone/Pigment glue on the affirmed request will be imported according to the client’s requirements.

Pigment Paste Colors
Pigment Paste Colors
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All epoxy flooring Pakistan color scatterings are made of the highest caliber with shades triple processed to lessen them to the best molecule size. More modest particles imply more lively tones from less shade, improving the presence of pigmented parts while limiting the presentation decrease of the pitch brought about by pigmentation. Our pigment paste colors have been detailed to scatter effectively into resin for convenience. With their exceptionally focused shade recipe, just a limited quantity is expected to guarantee your craftsmanship will be buzzing with striking, rich, profound tones.

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